What is the Best Acupressure Point? (Massage Monday #571)

I usually show acupressure points per symptoms but this week I’m going to change the focus. Per viewer’s request, I will talk about one acupressure point that is effective for many symptoms.

In fact, this point is effective for wide range of issues. If you ask me one acupressure point you should know, this would be the best acupressure point which is Large Intestine 4 on your hand. It’s called Hegu in Chinese and Goukoku in Japanese and it means joining valley or union valley. It is said that the energy of the entire body springs out of this valley.

It is located at the end of the crease when you close your thumb and index finger. Press it towards the index finger bone. I usually use a hooked thumb which is a thumb bent from the joint to press this point like this. When you press this point, you will feel a dull pain.

Here is a list of things this point is good for:

  1. Any kind of pain – such as headache, toothache, jaw pain, throat pain, stomachache, cramps, tight neck and shoulders and back pain. It can be chronic or acute pain. Some studies suggest that pressing this point releases endorphin, a natural pain killer hormone that helps to reduce the feeling of pain.
  2. Improves Qi – Chi in Chinese or ki in Japanese is energy. When you feel down with lack of energy this point will give you a boost of energy
  3. Improves circulation – along with Qi, this point will improve circulation of blood.
  4. Improve Immunity – press this point when you think you are catching a cold to fend off the cold
  5. For sweating out – This point helps you to sweat. If you are already sick press this point to release the heat by sweating out.
  6. Stress and Nervousness – it helps to calm you down and relax your mind by regulating Autonomic Nervous System
  7. Digestion and Intestinal Issues – This is a primary point for the Large Intestine meridian so it is a very powerful point to control the digestive system for issues such as constipation, diarrhea and IBS.
  8. Detox – food poisoning, hangover, acne, skin issues, skin itchiness and reduce swelling
  9. Any issues around the face – such as tired eyes, declining eyesight, runny nose, bloody nose, sinusitis, snoring, tinnitus, ringing in the ear, teeth, jaws, allergies, hay fever, facial paralysis, Bell’s Palsy, acne, improving skin tone
  10. Induce labor – this point should be avoided if you are pregnant because it induces labor. Press this point only after the due date or if you want to induce labor. This point is also used to expel placenta after child birth.

To stimulate this point press as you breathe deeply for 1 minute. Or massage with small circles. Or you can press few seconds at a time and repeat. And repeat on the other side.

Pressing hard so it hurts enough to forget the original pain you are trying to alleviate isn’t the purpose of pressing this point.

Acupressure point doesn’t work like an on/off switch. They often work in conjunction with other acupressure points. But with so many benefits, now you know why I would pick this one out of at least 361 acupressure points if you were to know one acupressure point.

Again, don’t press this point if you are pregnant because it induces labor. Press this point only when you want to induce labor or only after the due date.

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