Which massage oil do I use? Caution about massage oil

Which massage oil do I use? Caution about massage oil

Recently I was asked what massage oil I use for my massage practice. My answer is I do not use massage oil and here’s why. When I took my massage classes we used massage oil during the class. There was a Teacher’s Assistant (TA) in the class who was wearing gloves during the massage. She told us she had to wear gloves now because over the years of using massage oil, the oil glands of her hands stopped secreting oil. Since I didn’t have any problem with my fingers, I forgot about the story.

When I started working at a spa I gave about ten massages a week. Within a month my hands, fingers and especially the fingertips were very dry. Flaky fingertips are not good news for anyone especially massage therapist. Then I remembered the TA’s story. I quickly switched to a massage lotion and within a week my fingers were normal.

You would think oil will hydrate the skin. It may be true temporarily but the skin controls the hydration level by using its own oil. When the skin is constantly saturated with oil from outside it thinks “oh there’s enough oil so I don’t have to release more oil” and you end up with dry skin.

Now I use this organic massage crème. I have been using this for several years and since it hasn’t given me any problems I like it. I sometimes just put it on my skin because I think it’s a good moisturizer too. And if I must, I use organic coconut oil which is also very tasty on pancakes and waffles. Skin is the largest organ in your body and it absorbs and consumes whatever you put on, so I try to use organic whenever possible. If you use massage oil to exchange occasional massage at home it shouldn’t be a problem but if you start getting dry skin I recommend you switch to a massage crème or lotion. That’s my two cents.

Biotone Pure Touch Organic Massage Crème http://amzn.to/YVj7M4

Happy Massaging!

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which massage oil do i use caution about massage oil