You Knead Me New Free eBook

This week I want to tell you I have a new free eBook just in time for the Valentine’s Day. I have had the eBook for a while, in fact for 6 years with no changes so it was getting old. And when I updated my website last year all the video links got broken which I didn’t know until someone told me about it recently. So I fixed all the links and might as well I updated the contents and format so I think it’s much much better than before.

In this eBook I’m showing you how to massage your partner from head to toe in 10 easy steps with your partner lying face up. You can practice this on the floor or on the bed. For each step when you click on the video link you can see the instruction video.

So head over to my website or just click the link below and download this new free eBook.

Happy Massaging!

Massage Monday #328 – Ultimate Couples Massage Experience